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15 Small Businesses Any Student Can Do Right Now

There are many productive things you can do with your free time when you’re not doing school work. These are some of them. Sometimes, doing business in school doesn’t just …

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See Reasons Why You Should Not Allow Phone Addiction

It is pathetic that many people have lost their lives due to phone addiction because they could not hear the hooting of the oncoming cars. Isn’t it ironical that many …

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12 Common Habits Every Student Should Break Before Leaving School

What do you spend most of your time on? You have two choices; to either feel disappointed and frustrated about the whole situation in your country: high rate of unemployment, …

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7 Ways To Remember Everything You Read In The Exam Hall

It is one thing to read for an exam and it is another thing to remember what you have read few days later. Many students on campuses do face these …

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These 16 Reasons Will Remind You Why You Should Follow Your Passion And Not The Money

Everyday, people are picking the wrong jobs so that they can live every Sunday Evening dreading Monday and growing old wondering if they really made the right life decision. Many …

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