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20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria

20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria

What we have here is an unverified listing of 20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria. Included also is another 20 courses with worst employment opportunities in Nigeria. In these lists, the compiler (a student like you) have taken time to observe the Nigerian employment market and propose this list as a course-choice-guide to prospective students who wish to apply for admission into the university.

Note that this is a mere hypothesis that stand to be criticized. Your contribution is welcome on what you think is better. Feel free to comment courses you feel should be on the list of best or worst courses after viewing the writer’s opinion. Let’s form a forum!

1. Civil Engineering
2. Agriculture Science.
3. Medicine.
4. Economics.
5. Business & Administrative
6. Geology
7. Computer Science/IT
8. Nursing
9. Architecture
10. Health Education
11. Home Economics
12. Marketing
13. Graphics Art.
14. Accounting & Finance
15. Fishery.
16. Pharmacy.
17. Physics
18. Human Resources
19. Law
20. Chemistry

1. Religious Studies
2. Political Science
3. Music
4. Zoology
5. Primary Education
6. French
7. Sport
8. Sociology
9. Counseling Psychology
10. Geography
11. Language
12. Library and Information Science
13. Fine Art
14. Philosophy
15. Social Studies
16. Mass Communication
17. Botany
18. Physical Education
19. Theatre Art
20. English Literature

Now have your say, make a contribution now!


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